Monday, May 11, 2009

From NYT Strategy Meeting, Brian Stelter Reveals: NYT In Talks With Google!

How'd we miss this one? Nearly 40 minutes ago, TV/media reporter Brian Stelter tweeted some breaking news from inside the NYT's digital strategy meeting:

At a digital strategy meeting at the Times. News nugget: Wash Post isn't the only paper in talks w/ Google. NYT is, too.

This news follows close on the heels of Howard Kurtz's report in the Washington Post this morning that his newspaper was in talks with Google executives about some form of joint venture:

Post Co. chief executive Donald Graham and Google chief executive Eric Schmidt and their lieutenants have been holding talks about a possible collaboration. This could range from creating new Web pages to technological tools for journalists or readers. Hanging over the talks is the reality that the search giant, while funneling vital traffic to news sites, vacuums up their content without paying a dime.

Post executive Philip Bennett confirmed the discussions, saying: "We're talking to each other about improved ways of creating and presenting news online." He calls it "an informal collaboration" that "has produced some interesting ideas already. I'd say that on the journalism side of the conversation we've learned a lot."

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