Monday, May 11, 2009

Jennifer 8. Lee: NYT "Rethinking Assumption That Home Delivery Subscribers Get Access To Everything."

In a series of real-time tweets from an internal NYT meeting this morning, metro reporter Jennifer 8. Lee is making some interesting disclosures -- including the fact that the NYT may not give its home-delivery subscribers free access to its website when it begins charging for content.

That's surprising (and alarming) news, especially for home delivery subscribers like The NYTPicker!

In addition to that disclosure, Lee has reported this morning that:

"nyt just started looking at B2B opportunities in selling research to Fortune 1000 companies a la the economist."

"nyt believes can create significant revenue streams from APIs. estimate 2.5x views of nyt content off site vs. onsite."

"re nonprofit: nytimes has rejected raising endowment and individual donations. is still looking at underwriting content."

"advertising and subscription do not appear to coexist in web space. espn mostly advertising. weightwatchers mostly sub."

But how much longer can Lee keep reporting from the meeting? She's already complaining that the PowerPoint font is too small!

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