Sunday, May 3, 2009

One More Reason To Get The NYT Print Edition: Photos Like This, From Today's Paper.

Every so often the NYT reminds us just what makes the print edition worth it. Today it came in the form of the provocative and brilliant photo illustration reprinted above, which filled nearly a half-page of the cover of the Sunday Business section.

Atop a Devin Leonard narrative about the demise of Lehman Brothers, it took its cue from the story's powerful headline: "How Lehman Got Its Real Estate Fix." It could have been a deadly illustration of a collapsing building, or stiff photograph of a deposed executive. But instead, the NYT went with a photo illustration that has the shock value of a 1975 Village Voice cover, or something from the George Lois era at Esquire.

The photo comes with a "photo illustration by the New York Times" credit, and no name. It's too bad; someone deserves to take a bow for pushing the envelope just about as far as it can go at the NYT. So for the moment we'll give credit to Tim O'Brien, editor of the Sunday Business section, for publishing a picture that couldn't have been easy to get past the NYT politeness police.

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Anonymous said...

Any guy on the street will point out that they don't even know how where to stick the needle.