Sunday, June 7, 2009

NYT LA Bureau Chief Jennifer Steinhauer Blocks NYTPicker As Twitter Follower! What Did We Do?

NYT Los Angeles bureau chief Jennifer Steinhauer has blocked The NYTPicker from following her on Twitter!

Steinhauer follows in the curious footsteps of NYT copy desk chief Patrick LaForge, who famously blocked the NYTPicker from following him on Twitter last month after first calling us "cowards."

LaForge (known to his 3,573 Twitter followers as "Palafo"), like Steinhauer, hasn't protected his updates -- which means that we can easily read his tweets anytime we please. The act of "blocking" on Twitter doesn't keep anyone from reading a Twitterer's updates, of course.

Honestly, we'd just been enjoying Steinhauer's tweets, and often found ourselves in sync with her sensibility, such as this endearingly neurotic post from Wednesday:

Read 1,000 words I wrote yesterday,edited 9 of them; manically checked Amazon rank;changed FB photo;ate 3 twizzlers.Quittin' time!

Or her latest update, posted just a few hours ago:

"Basil is the slutty prom queen of herbs that gets all the attention; more ought to be paid to that sweet girl next door, marjoram."

So why has the witty Steinhauer -- co-author of the new novel, "Beverly Hills Adjacent," and wife of NYT television reporter Edward Wyatt -- stopped us from following her? We're a little hurt, actually. Her remaining 117 followers include "Hospitality Shoppe," "Shorty Awards" and "1TCLF1ML0JZ4M2X."

Come on, surely we're no more menacing a follower than 1TCLF1ML0JZ4M2X!


Anonymous said...

Sunday being a slow news day.

Anonymous said...

I'd follow her.

Anonymous said...

Jesus. If you're going to blog this every time someone rightly concludes you're an asshole, it's going to be a long summer.