Sunday, January 10, 2010

UPDATE: NYT Styles Section "Corrects" Nearly Three-Year-Old Photo Of Jeremy Blake It Ran With Last Week's Nightclub-Smoking Trend Story.

Last Sunday, The NYTPicker reported that the NYT Styles section ran a nearly three-year-old photograph of a nightclub smoker -- who turned out to be the famous, dead painter Jeremy Blake -- to illustrate a supposedly recent trend of smokers flouting city's smoking ban.

Today, the NYT ran a "correction" of the photo in the Styles section, acknowledging that it shouldn't have been published:

A picture last Sunday with an article about New York nightclub patrons who flout the city’s smoking ban was published in error. The photograph of two men was taken in 2007 and is not a recent example of the numerous bars where smoking is now tolerated. The man in sunglasses, who was not identified, is the artist Jeremy Blake, who died that year.

EARLIER: To Illustrate "New Brazenness" Of Nightclub Smokers, Styles Section Uses Nearly Three-Year-Old Photo Of Dead Artist Jeremy Blake. The NYTPicker, January 3, 2010.

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