Sunday, August 15, 2010

NYT Clarifies: Larry King, CNN Talk Show Host, Not Currently In Rikers For Eight-Month Drug Posession Rap.

This was a busy week for NYT corrections.

The paper published 60 beginning last Monday, including an editors' note on a Dexter Filkins piece, a signficant walk-back on a Gretchen Morgenson investigation, and our favorite fix, from yesterday, about that "ugly animals" story and slide show from Tuesday's Science Times:

A capsule summary on Friday directing readers to pictures of ugly creatures at left the impression that fish and crustaceans are not part of the animal kingdom. Many of them may be ugly, but they are no less animals.

Still, we think this morning's City Room blog post about prisoners baking carrot cakes went a little far in clarifying the facts, just to avoid of a possible correction.

In an interview with one of the Rikers Island prisoners about their cakes --- which require 25 pounds of sugar to produce cake for 500 inmates -- reporter Emily B. Hager carefully inserted a clause to avoid any confusion or correction about his itentity:

“I myself was kind of impressed with the size of the machines,” said Larry King, who is serving an eight-month sentence for drug possession.

Mr. King (not the CNN host) had no previous kitchen experience before he began working in the bakery two months ago. He earns 39 cents an hour, which he uses to buy toothpaste and soap at the jail commissary.

Helpful information, but not necessary, as we are well aware that CNN host Larry King has a decided preference for wedding cake.


Anonymous said...

Putting serious greens down for day when some of these articles are terminated before publishing, with a notice:

" U R incompetent, the writing is all around flawed "

Roberto said...

"Madonna!" (not the popular singer) cried the priest, when the refrigerator that had fallen from the fifth floor nearly crushed him to death on the pavement outside a Naples butcher shop.