Saturday, August 7, 2010

NYT's Brooks Barnes Writing New Book About Jews In New Orleans, Called "When The Levys Were Broke."

Buried deep in tomorrow's Arts & Leisure cover profile of "Eat Pray Love" director Ryan Murphy by Brooks Barnes come these two sentences, quoted verbatim (the quote is from Julia Roberts): “Every day I was, like, ‘When is the levy going to break?’ ” The levy did break early on in “Glee.” Um, dude? It's LEVEE. Not LEVY. Does anyone edit the NYT anymore? Just wondering.


Des said...

Just a note about that profile of Ryan Murphy; how is it that Murphy grew up poor? Nothing backs up that claim (including some facts about his life on Wikipedia, for whatever that's worth). Also, I didn't realize having solid writing jobs was such a drawback as well: "Not bad for a guy who grew up poor in Indianapolis, where he was taunted for being gay with a capital G and spent the first decade of his professional life toiling as a print journalist for The Miami Herald and Entertainment Weekly." I don't think the NY Times knows what "poor" is anymore ("not rich" seems to be the definition they use).

Anonymous said...

They fixed the spelling in the online version. Does this mean the book deal is off?

Anonymous said...

You should begin a regular feature, "Does anyone edit the NYT anymore?"

Today's paper has a long story about Johnny Carson Tonight Show clips having a new life on line (or something like that -- who cares?)

Nowhere does it mention that Carson is dead. (He died in 2005.)