Friday, September 10, 2010

NYT Finds A Great New Place To Promote Its T Magazine Fashion Coverage: Above The Fold On Page One.

Here's the caption on the photo appearing across four columns above the fold on the front page of today's NYT:

ON A NEW RUNWAY: A scene from the "Project Runway show on Thursday, the opening day of Fashion Week in Manhattan. The event is being held at Lincoln Center, after 17 years at Bryant Park. Slide shows, blogging and coverage from T Magazine:

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Anonymous said...

Oh this is so bogus. The next thing, you'll be telling us that the little message saying that the rest of the story continue on page 6 is an evil advertisement for page 6. Sheesh. It's a link to further information dude. It's a good thing. Get your Web 2.0 face on and start rocking the links.