Friday, March 6, 2009

"We'll Consider Anything," NYT Publisher A.O. Sulzberger Jr. Tells CNBC. Sounds Like A Plan!

Early this morning, in a brief interview outside NYT headquarters on 8th Avenue, publisher A.O. Sulzberger Jr. was asked whether the paper would consider charging for its online content.

"We'll consider anything," a desperate-sounding Sulzberger told a CNBC reporter.

As for the current state of the economy, Sulzberger had this choice insight to offer: "I'm not that old, so yes this is the worst I've ever seen."

For the record, Sulzberger is 57 years old. Not that old, but not that young.

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Anonymous said...

How much longer before the shareholders demand Sulzberger's resignation? Maybe Carlos Slim can make it happen.