Monday, November 10, 2008

Am I Dead Yet?

You haven't officially died until the Times says so. Which makes the recent long lag time between death and obituary -- at least in the Times -- a bit disturbing.

Today's obituary of Thomas Dunn, the conductor, at the age of 82 followed his death almost three weeks ago, on October 26.

This follows an odd run of death reports that have run, er, a little late in the Times.

News of the death of Mike Davis, a 68-year-old boat builder, appeared in the Times on November 3, a week after his death on October 26.

Kenneth P. Johnson
, a former editor of the Dallas Times-Herald, died on Sunday, November 2; his demise was reported five days later in the Times. The Dallas Morning News published an obituary on November 4, three days before the Times.

What took so long to learn about the death of Mothers of Invention drummer Jimmy Carl Black? He died on November 1; his death was reported in over 100 newspapers on November 5. His obit turned up in the Times on November 6.

The recent lag-time record goes to Marilyn Ferguson, the new-age author who wrote "The Aquarian Conspiracy." Died: October 19. Death reported in other newspapers: November 2. Death reported in the Times: November 4.

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