Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Worst Lede Of The Day...

goes to William Yardley for this inscrutable summary atop his report on the first press conference of Alaska Senator-elect Mark Begich:

Irascible will be out. Approachable will be in. That oil drilling and federal earmarks? They will still be a go.

If you happen to keep going, you'll get lost in the maze of clauses that comprise his incomprehensible second paragraph:

Alaska’s senator-elect, Mayor Mark Begich of Anchorage, held a news conference in Anchorage on Wednesday, the morning after he unseated the longest-serving Republican in Senate history, Ted Stevens, and promised to be more of a listener and a consensus builder than he said Mr. Stevens had often been.

Maybe Yardley got so tongue tied in homage to Begich himself, whose own comments could use a bit of explaining.

“What I want to do,” [Begich] said, “is repackage some of the messaging of what we have here that will have an impact on this country.”

Yes, some repackaging of that message is definitely in order.

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