Saturday, December 6, 2008

On a Quiet Saturday, Jack Healy Slips Richard Sparks Back Into Quote Rotation.

Nytpicker readers may recall a November 12 post in which we noted the ubiquity of Richard Sparks, an analyst at Schaeffer's Investment Research ["Have No Fear! Richard Sparks Is Here. (And Here. And Here. And Here.)"], who'd been quoted by five different Times business reporters over a two-month stretch.

In the wake of that posting, Sparks disappeared from view. Mysteriously, he had nothing to say about the stock-market gyrations that followed recent jobless statistics, auto industry woes and other events. Business reporters turned elsewhere, and Sparks was forced to foist his daily market commentary on somewhat smaller audience. ("Today's market was roiled by fear, Timmy...and can you please pass the broccoli?")

But today, reporter Jack Healy -- perhaps sensing that more than three weeks had passed, and that his bosses might skip reading the daily stocks column in the Saturday paper -- gingerly inserted a Sparks quote into his copy. Those of us who live for the business section's daily diary of meaningless short-term market assessments were shocked and pleased to find this quote in today's roundup:

“We’re seeing those beaten-down sectors rallying a little bit,” said Richard Sparks of Schaeffer’s Investment Research. “We’re seeing buyers step in on what had been the riskiest or toxic types of stocks.”

Oh yes, Richard....we're seeing! We're seeing! It's great to have you back. Thanks to Jack Healy for making it possible.

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Name calling. How mature.