Thursday, June 4, 2009

What Did The NYT Website Look Like 13 Years Ago? Nine? Six? A Few Minutes Ago? Let's Take A Look!

For your morning amusement, the above images capture what visitors to saw on November 12, 1996, only a year or two after the NYT launched its website, preceded by images from December 2, 2000 and February 15, 2003, and this morning.

How much is now worth? They must be dropping some serious cash on that website. We get the NYT home-delivered (natch) but we'd pay extra for online acess. We just wonder how they build an effective pay wall. They've got Google already distributing the content. And will the advertisers like it if they drop millions of page views in the process? Hope that's all figured out.

We like the monthly fee. It's what we're used to (Netflix etc) and it makes sense. Do it. Tell us what you need and we'll pay.

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