Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Click Here To See David Carr's Masked Impression Of Heath Ledger In "The Dark Knight." (Yes, We're Serious.)

Usually, we find David Carr's whole Bagger I'm-talking-about-myself-in-the-third-person thing kind of annoying -- as opposed to, say, the diverting use of "we" by the Nytpicker -- but we actually really enjoyed this:

Why So Serious, Oscar?


Anonymous said...

this guy is truly strange. how does he even keep his job?

Anonymous said...

I like him as a writer, but the voice he uses on that blog is just too odd for me. If there are enough readers, I suppose it makes sense to keep him around. Just make sure that none of the writers pick up the trend:

Maureen Dowd calls herself "The Dowdy"
Paul Krugman calls himself "Krug-o-matic"
John Schwartz calls himself "The Schwartz-Kopf"
Adam Liptak calls himself "The Lip-Schtick"
Gretchen Morgenson calls herself "The Gretch Kvetcher"

OMG, stop me now. Put all of these ideas back in Pandora's box.