Monday, January 26, 2009

Corrections Of The Week: Alessandra Stanley Edition.

With three mistakes in the last week, NYT television critic Alessandra Stanley has resumed her reign of error in the newspaper of record -- and has made yet another mistake in today's review of TNT's new series, "Trust Me."

Fortunately for Stanley, the error-prone critic remains close personal friends with NYT stars Maureen Dowd (with whom she recently went to a Florida spa, chronicled in the NYT travel section) and managing editor Jill Abramson -- an apparent immunity from the dangers that usually face journalists with her record of inaccuracy.

The most recent Stanley correction appeared in yesterday's Week In Review, with two mistakes corrected in her Mickey Rourke essay from the previous week:

An article last Sunday about France’s affinity for the actor Mickey Rourke misstated the time frame during which his latest film, “The Wrestler,” was picked up by an American distributor. It was after the film was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival last year, not before. The article also misstated the month that the Toronto festival was held. It was September, not October.

That followed Friday's correction of a misspelling in Alessandra Stanley "TV Watch" column in Wednesday's paper about the coverage of the Obama inauguration:

The TV Watch column on Wednesday, about President Obama’s inauguration, misspelled the surname of a former 1960s radical whose association with Mr. Obama was raised as an issue in the campaign, but was not prominently mentioned on Fox News coverage of the inauguration. He is William Ayers, not Ayres.

That brings Stanley's 2009 error total to three, which puts her on pace for a record-shattering 52 corrections this year. In 2008, Stanley recorded just 11 total corrections.

Stanley correction-counters can look forward to the year's fourth, later this week, presuming the NYT corrects today's mistake -- her reference to the creators of tonight's new TNT series "Trust Me" as former "executive producers" of TNT's "The Closer." Writers Hunt Baldwin and John Coveny were, in fact, only co-executive producers of "The Closer."

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