Thursday, July 9, 2009

Did NYT Social Media Editor Jennifer Preston Make Summer Intern Remove His Revealing Tweet?

What happened to Michael Szeto's tweet about his meeting yesterday with NYT Social Media Editor Jennifer Preston? Did she make him take it down?

That would be yet more ant-social behavior from the NYT's social media guru!

You may recall that in yesterday's post about Preston's odd disappearance from Twitter, we reported that NYT intern Michael Szeto, who writes for the Brooklyn edition of the Local, reported on a meeting he'd had at NYT HQ yesterday with Preston; his boss, Andy Newman; The Local's New Jersey editor, Tina Kelley, and blog designer Jeremy Zilar.

Szeto's endearing tweet reported that he had just emerged from a "social media meeting" with that powerhouse team.

But at some point between our posting and this morning, the item has mysteriously disappeared from Szeto's twitter feed -- as though the meeting never happened!

What's going on with Jennifer Preston, or as Twitter followers like to call her, @NYT_JenPreston? Why did she disappear so suddenly and so completely from the social media network that she one day hopes to conquer? Why would she make a poor, lowly intern feel as though he must censor a perfectly innocent tweet about his heady experiences at the NYT?

We won't know the answers until Preston decides to return to Twitter and rejoin her network of 9,025 followers -- the ones who so excitedly heralded her ascendance to the most powerful new media job in journalism.

Hurry back, @NYT_JenPreston! We miss you.

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