Friday, July 24, 2009

Manohla Dargis Weakens Her Argument Against Cliched Writing By Writing Cliches.

"That tap-tap-tapping sound you hear is another nail being driven into the coffin of the romantic comedy."

--from Dargis's July 24 review of Robert Luketic's "The Ugly Truth."


Anonymous said...

The coffin is now buried. It is no longer an argument, but a conclusive observation.

Anonymous said...

Could she have been doing it for effect?

Anonymous said...

She's an effective killer of the unwanted genre.

Anonymous said...

Dead wrong, dead as a doornail wrong if you prefer. The estimable Ms. Dargis simply wrapped a cliche around a subject, to immediately convey an intended connotation, much as I just did. So touche to you, mon frere.

Dan Stackhouse