Sunday, December 6, 2009

UPDATE: NYT Publishes Editors' Note, Admitting Suzy Buckley Promoted Boyfriend's Restaurant In Violation Of NYT Ethics Rules.

This morning, the NYT published a brief editor's note in the print edition acknowledging that freelance travel writer Suzy Buckley promoted her boyfriend's restaurant in the T Travel Magazine on November 22 -- in violation of the NYT's conflict of interest policies.

Buckley's use of the NYT to promote the restaurant, 8 Oz. Burger Bar in Miami, was first reported by The NYTPicker on November 23.

But unlike most NYT editors' notes and corrections, this one only made it into the print edition. It's nowhere to be found anywhere on the NYT website, either in the corrections column, or adjacent to the original article. [UPDATE: Sometime after this post went up this morning, the NYT added the Editor's Note to the corrections column online. The Burger Bar listing still doesn't have the Editor's Note appended.] Here's the full text of the note:


The "Place" feature about Miami in the T magazine travel issue on Nov. 22 included a reference to the 8 oz. Burger Bar. The writer has had a long personal relationship with a co-owner of the restaurant; had editors known of that connection, the restaurant would not have been included in the article.

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