Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The NYTPicker's 2009 NYT Byline Of The Year Competition Heats Up With The Sudden Arrival Of Jauretsi Saizarbitoria.

A warm welcome to Jauretsi Saizarbitoria, whose byline turned up yesterday on two articles on "The Moment" blog. Yes, that counts.

Saizarbitoria isn't a journalist, exactly. She works by day for a company called StarworksNY, which casts celebrities for ad campaigns and magazine covers. Honestly, we even briefly considered trying to expose her as a violator of various NYT freelancing rules, but we couldn't exactly figure out which rules she broke. There appears to be a loophole that lets people freelance for the NYT's T Magazine while getting paid by fashion designers. Paging Whitney Port!


Anonymous said...

Short of a thorough background check, this arrival can only be profiled as yet another poser who will get way more out of their connection to nytimes than the work produced is worth in return. In fact, their pr front should be paying nytimes to be showcased like any other legit ad.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know working as an editor at Jane Magazine disqualified someone from calling herself a journalist.

Manray Prince said...

Jeesh to start off on such an unwelcomed reception for nothing but credit as a freelancer escort. Some prosecutory hr department.

Anonymous said...

check your facts. I've never been paid to do publicity, nor do I care to.

yes, the old company I used to work for had a PR division -- it was a large agency with several divisions... the one I worked in was the editorial division... with magazine clients only. I didnt rep talent either so there was no conflict of interest with the people we covered at Art Basel. I "create content" for magazine clients. I was doing my job.

Also, every subject wore their own clothes... not one designer on the Starworks roster was featured in the piece.

no break of ethics. no double-dipping.

Lastly, I was an editor at corporate magazine for years and been published for almost a decade.

This is the most half-baked reporting. you admit you don't even know what rules I was breaking, yet still cast a stone?

who's the non-reporter here?

From the lady herself...
p.s. I don't work at Starworks anymore.