Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bad News: NYT Saturday Paper Has Only Seven Pages Of Ads. Two In The "A" Section. Yikes!

Today's 46-page Saturday NYT print edition has, by our count, only seven pages of advertising.

Only two of those are full-page ads: an Arts section ad for the Universal movie "State Of Play," and an ad for Java from Sun Microsystems on the back page of the business section. The rest include quarter-page ads, religion announcements, paid obituaries, and one half-page ad for Saab. The classifieds take up less than a half-page on the back of the sports section.

The "A" section seemed especially empty today. In 20 pages, we only counted two pages of ads, most of them tiny ones scattered here and there.

Oh, wait, we forgot one: there's Michael Cieply's article about the new James Cameron movie, "Avatar."

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