Monday, April 27, 2009

Stephanie Clifford Finally Gets Around To Reporting Changes at PRWeek, Eleven Days Late.

On April 16, PR Week Magazine announced its ridiculously ironic new plan to become a monthly in print, yet hang onto its PRWeek title for old times' sake.

Everyone reported the news, chuckled, and moved on. Everyone except the NYT.

In this morning's business section, media reporter Stephanie Clifford "reports" the same news exactly 11 days after it was first announced. Her story made no mention of the fact that it had been announced over a week earlier, or the reason for the delay. Nor did it contain any substantial information that hadn't been in previous stories -- including PRWeek's own account of its decision.

It happens every day and is almost not worth mentioning anymore, but what the hell -- Prconsider yourself reminded, by today's example, that the NYT still regularly clings to the absurd, arrogant and false belief that news hasn't happened unless and until it has been reported in its pages.

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