Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seriously, Will Shortz? A Four-Letter Word For Winter Exclamation Is "Brrr"?

Memo to crossword puzzle editor and geek idol Will Shortz regarding today's "60 Down" clue: "brrr" is not the answer to anything, including your apparent mid-life crisis.

First it was "Secret Codons," Shortz's ridiculously easy new game launched on the website last week. Now it's the crossword puzzle itself. Once an addictive bastion of brain-teasing clues designed to vex even the most educated reader, Shortz's puzzle-writing muscles are showing signs of extreme fatigue.

Come on, Puzzle Boy. Don't make us switch to the Word Jumble in the New York Post. Because we will. Oh, yes, we will.

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Anonymous said...

Today's crossword ( 11/08/09) is among the worst, elitist, egocentric, worst-edited, cluttery-clued esoteric crosswords Will Shortz has ever excreted. It was neither fascinating nor fun. This cheap dictionary quest was unworthy of newspaper print. SHAME on you WILL SHORTZ. You should be PANTSED and plunged into the river Styx head-first. May a fly float in your next soup. May a tick embed into your epidermis. May your septums deviate and clog simultaneously preventing a decent night's sleep. Indeed, you should consider rejoining the crossword-loving culture instead of embarrassing yourself by flaunting your antiquated clueless clues. This crossword was akin to Tungsten [W] on the periodic table. Why not watch " Wheel of Fortune," and buy some clues from Pat Sayjak? 'Disrespectfully yours, J. Carter