Thursday, April 9, 2009

NYT Quietly Shuts Down "Proof," Its"Alcohol And American Life" Blog. We'll Drink To That!

On Tuesday night at 10:15 pm, just when most drinking Americans were least likely to be reading a pretentious blog about drinking, the NYT shut down "Proof." No warning, and no explanation.

Apparently we're just supposed to go cold turkey. That figures.

There's a faint promise that it will return -- "We'll let you know when," the editors warn -- but don't bet on it. When the history of the NYT's website is written, "Proof" will be remembered as the prose equivalent of your college roommate who guzzled too many White Russians and then puked out your dorm room window.


Anonymous said...

C'mon, Stelter, you promised not to tell that story again. And anyway, it was Black Russians.

Anonymous said...

Drove me nuts that over half the contributions came from elegiac recovering alcoholics. Just seemed like the wrong ratio, y'know?