Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Start, Michael Donohoe. But Times Wire Needs More Work. We'll Check Back.

We wanted to like it.

But you have to realize, we subscribe to the NYT print edition and we dig that. It's groovy in an old-fashioned, you know, twentieth century way. Six-thirty every morning, there it be. All printed and delivered and everything. With photos and ads and articles all mixed together in a pre-conceived order to report the news.

All that for two bucks, starting June 1? Don't worry, we're still in.

We love where you're going with Times Wire. It's hot. Everything we want, all in one place, rolling out like a firehose. Isn't that what one of your colleagues wanted to call it? Yeah, we read that on Twitter.

Trouble is we're not that thirsty yet. A firehose gives off quite a blast.

Also, we like the home page. It, you know, prioritizes. We know from a glance what just happened and what didn't. That helps when you don't have much time. And who has much time?

We need to take it slower. Right now it's too much. It's cool that you're there and we figure you'll fix it so we're not overwhelmed. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with the new gadget is that it's pointless. Anyone who really needs their news that quickly (as opposed to those who pretend they do) is already getting it from a more polished source.
Out of curiosity, how many reporters could be paid for the amount that's being squandered on one more shiny toy?