Sunday, May 10, 2009

Joe Sharkey, NYT Columnist, Tells NYTPicker: "This Business Used To Have Manners."

Late Saturday night, The NYTPicker got two emails from Joe Sharkey, a longtime NYT columnist on business travel.

Sharkey's emails came in apparent response to our item yesterday about the NYT's plans to throw a "cash bar" party this coming Wednesday for its soon-to-be-shuttered Sunday regional sections and its contributors -- many of whom are losing their gigs as a result of the closings.

Our item reprinted the party invitation from Jennifer Preston, the NYT's regional editor. Sharkey -- whose long journalism career has included stints as reporter, columnist and editor at the Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer and Albany Times Union -- had this to say in his first email to The NYTPicker:

Invented the "Jersey" column, and it was a real good local column; did it for 3 years. Never got the invite.

Nearly a half-hour later, Sharkey followed up with this additional thought:

In my previous e-mail, I neglected to mention a point: This business used to have manners. And of course you may quote me by name if you wish.

Okay, we will.

1 comment: said...

Oops, shouldn't have pressed the "send" button on that one, eh? Had no idea you'd make a big deal out of my grouchy jet-lagged comment, and with a photo and all. Nothing to be gained there. Still, the business did used to have manners, I swear. J Sharkey