Monday, May 11, 2009

More From Meeting: Michael Luo Reports NYT Has "Ruled Out Micropayments" For News Stories.

Here's the latest from the internal NYT digital strategy meeting. Reporter Michael Luo has just tweeted that "We seem 2 have ruled out micropayments b/c of cost in terms of pageviews."

Luo goes on:

"Research is being devoted to "metered model," how to get revenue from most loyal readers but not hurt pageview based advertising."

And here's the latest from Jennifer 8. Lee:

"comparison of potential nytimes membership to different tiers of amex membership (platinum, gold...what would black be?)"

Just wondering, is this some new way for public companies to disclose plans to its shareholders? By giving information to its gossipy reporters at internal strategy meetings and hoping they tweet about what they hear to nosy media websites?

If so, we like it!

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